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Our Expertise

Communications strategists aren’t one size fits all. If you find yourself in a complex, adversarial and/or high-stakes scenario, you need seasoned specialists. Like the best litigators, we can do the easy stuff, but we truly demonstrate our value when the stakes are high. Our expertise includes:

Crisis Communications

We navigate complex and adversarial environments for companies, countries and individuals using battle-tested strategies, surgical precision and strict message discipline.


Reputation Management

We safeguard and enhance our clients' reputations through proactive reputation-building strategies, crisis preparedness and adept handling of reputational threats, including online harassment, defamation and negative publicity.


Public Affairs

We are experts in navigating complex political landscapes and stakeholder relationships to influence policy outcomes and shape public perception. We are particularly adept at counseling companies and industries facing existential policy threats.


Countering Misinformation & Disinformation

We have specialized expertise in identifying, analyzing and combatting false narratives and malicious information spread across various media platforms.


Disputes & Litigation Communications

We advocate for clients embroiled in business or personal disputes, utilizing nuanced communication strategies to shape the trajectory of conflicts, including high-stakes litigation, and help drive favorable outcomes.

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